There’s only one thing worse than sitting through a bad presentation and that’s trying to write a good one.

But it’s hardly surprising that many creative, talented executives with busy diaries find it difficult to sit down and create a presentation that will address all the points they want to cover, arrange them coherently, find something that will connect with their audience and then deliver it all in a way that entertains and informs.

Using my experience of teaching communication skills, my presentation and public speaking courses start at the beginning, providing essential writing tips. We look at how to define key messages and think about the audience. I then offer practical tips on how to arrange these relevant thoughts and how to present them in an engaging way. We’ll look at how to use anecdotes, case studies and examples as well as the role of humour and visual aids.

The writing element of my presentation training will help you choose the words that work for you. We’ll look at how to create a presentation that you’ll enjoy giving as much as the audience will enjoy listening to.

Next we’ll look at the physical aspects. Having worked with actors over many years, I can advise on everything from vocal exercises to appearance and from making the most of the space you have on the podium to the effective use of timing and dramatic pauses. Everyone can give an effective presentation – my courses will show how.

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