With more than 15 years experience in media training and the teaching of communications skills, I regularly work with a number of clients in banking, personal finance, pharmaceuticals, retail, transport, accountancy and the charity sector. Clients include EDF Energy, Visa, Nationwide, Nissan, Marie Cure Cancer Care, PwC, Royal College of Chemistry, Expedia and the government of Brunei.

My training courses are practical and results orientated. They help participants understand how the media works and what makes a story, all of which improves their confidence when they talk to the media. It also enables them to work more closely and effectively with their PR advisors or press offices.

Simon Brooke Media coaching courses alert participants to the journalistic pitfalls and then go on to show them how to make the most of an interview in order to take control and put across the key positive messages, which we have developed during the course.

My media training is extremely affordable. Unlike most media trainers I operate on an agency basis, working with a number of other experienced press and broad journalist/media trainers with a variety of different interview styles and areas of expertise to create bespoke courses for clients. Because I don’t have offices and staff to support I can offer high quality training courses at 35-30 per cent less than most conventional media training companies.

Contact: 020 8993 6555 or email