Speech Writing For Corporate Clients

As our attention span contracts and information overload reaches new levels, excellent corporate speech writing is more important than ever these days. The standard PowerPoint presentation or a few words on a series of cards simply won’t wash anymore.

Let’s say that you’ve been asked to address a group of colleagues, customers or other industry professionals. These days you’ve got a shorter amount of time than ever before to grab your audience’s attention, to engage them and to persuade them. As a corporate speech writing professional I can help you to identify what you want these people to do as a result of your speech or presentation. Do you, for instance, want them to buy your product or service? To back your campaign? To adopt your ideas?

As we all know from our experiences of having to sit through speeches and presentations that are dull, dry or simply dire, there are so many mistakes that people can make when it comes to corporate speech writing.

Here are just a few.

The most common error is that they haven’t thought about their audience. Why do the people sitting out there who are probably already discreetly reaching for their Blackberries, care about what you’re saying? What will motivate and inspire them? How can this group of people in particular be persuaded to walk out of the room and believe in or do what you want them to?

Speakers often aren’t sure of their main messages, or they’ve simply got too many. If you can’t sum up your key message, in other words the whole point of your speech, in a sentence or two then the chances are that you’ve confused – and probably bored – your audience.

Another problem with corporate speechwriting is that it’s often just boring. Dull corporate language, bland clichés and an absence of memorable phrases or any striking images – all these things turn an audience off.

These days, grabbing an audience’s attention is more important and more of a challenge than ever before. Something around 150,000 words are fired at us every day from emails, texts, the printed page and advertising, among other sources. Your language, your ideas and your performance on the platform need to be able to cut through all these distractions and all this noise.

The good news is that you don’t have to be Martin Luther King or Sir Winston Churchill – and let’s face it, not many of us would want to be. A good speech is one that the speaker feels comfortable with.

With the help of my professional corporate speech writing services you stand a far better chance of motivating, inspiring and persuading that audience in the room with you to buy your products or services, to back your campaign or to adopt your way of thinking.

I can work with you to develop the arguments, the words and phrases as well as the speaking style that is right for you. As George VI said in The King’s Speech, “I have a voice”.

So do you. Let my corporate speech writing services help you find it.