FT_Fiera di Vicenza_04.09.12
Fiera di VicenzaAn advertorial for the Fiera di Vicenza international jewellery fair

A full page advertorial in the Financial Times which illustrates and promotes various aspects of this preeminent international jewellery fair.

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HIE advertorial blog
Scottish Highlands Scaling Heights of Digital HealthcareA report in The Times on digital healthcare

An informative and carefully targeted advertorial explaining how the Highlands and Islands Enterprise is leading digital healthcare development in the north of Scotland.

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Delegate the detailsKPMG booklet

Delegation is essential for effective management but deciding what to delegate and monitoring progress is not always easy. Using the metaphor of a football club, this light hearted but informative article offers some tips.

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Leading in a global workplaceHayGroup

A busy management consultant knew what he wanted to say about leadership but didn’t have the time to organise his thoughts and write them down. I interviewed him and ghosted this article.

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Premier Place to PartyCheslea magazine

corporate entertainment options offered by the Club are detailed in an informative and entertaining way that acts as an understated sales brochures.

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Pitch perfectTarmac centenary magazine

In order to explore just one of the areas of activity of this well known name this article explores what it takes to create the modern football pitch. The science is explained in an easily readable way and the article offers a new take on this great British brand.

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