Writing An Advertorial

As the name suggests, advertorials offer the best of both worlds – advertising and editorial. You get coverage in a newspaper or magazine, which has the authority of an article but which gives you almost all the control that you’d get with an advertisement.

The trick with a good advertorial, though, is to get the style right – as any advertising, marketing or editorial professional knows. This is where professional advertorial writing comes in. Make your wording too gushing, too full of marketing speak, while missing out the slightly sceptical edge and the factual, informative style of a real article and readers won’t be convinced. You’ll simply waste your time and money.

As an expert in the business of advertorial writing I can help you by identifying the news value in your product or service as any good journalist or editor would. I can then produce engaging, convincing copy that matches the style of publication but which effectively puts across your key messages. My copy has the apparent objectivity of a newspaper or magazine article while conveying exactly the tone and content that you require.

My clients range from pharmaceutical companies to drinks manufacturers and furniture retailers. In each case, I find help to identify the tone and the key messages that work best for the advertorial and that support the client’s marketing activities.

For example, I recently wrote a lively, readable advertorial in the Financial Times magazine that promotes Glorious Goodwood. New events and trends at the Goodwood races are presented in an eye-catching way that fits neatly in with the magazine’s editorial style.

Other advertorial writing clients include the Co-operative Society. Here a one page advertorial in a special report on sustainable business for The Times reads like a thorough piece of reporting on the company’s new eco-friendly head office in Manchester while putting across important corporate social responsibility messages. It’s factual, engaging and very credible.

The Highland and Islands Enterprise wanted to demonstrate their support for local businesses working in the fast growing digital healthcare sector. Using journalistic skills such the use of real, human case studies and an objective reporting style, my advertorial writing helped them to produce an advertorial in The Times that conveys their key messages with all the authority and rigour of a regular report.

In another interesting example of advertorial writing, for Campaign magazine I produced a thought piece for an advertising agency. The one page piece is written in the first person and discusses various issues that are relevant to the audience while expressing important points about the services that the author’s company provides.

Research by psychologists shows that audiences find editorial to be nine times more convincing than advertising. Many of those questioned can remember which articles they’ve seen in a newspaper or magazine but can’t remember the advertisements. If it’s done right, advertorial writing offers you the best of both worlds – you get excellent coverage which says almost exactly what you want it to say.